​​ Online Recruitment Solutions services

Imagine answering all your staffing challenges in one place, with one point of contact. 
One dedicated recruiting specialist who understands that while your business needs 
fluctuate, your need for top-notch skilled and professional performers 
never wavers. One great partnership for all your staffing needs. 

We make finding qualified candidates easy. 

Service Description:
1. Minimum 200 relevant CV's per Position.
2. 100% Filtered & Screened Resumes.
3. Resume database service for Unlimited Positions.
4. Cv's as per location preferences.
5. 30 Days Service validity
6.Job Posting for 90 days on our Job Portal
7.Branding & advertisement on our job portal
8.Job description sharing with relevant candidates.
9.Contacting relevant Candidates through bulk emailers.
10. 100% verified and Experienced candidates.

11.Candidates are instructed to send their resumes directly to employers.

12.JDC Recruitment Services collects and screens all resumes received and reviews its proprietary database and other online and offline resources for qualified candidates.

Service Name: Online Recruitment Solution Services ( For Employers)
Service Validity: 30 days
Service Cost: 5000/- Excluding GST
Area of service: Pan India